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Glass Container Printing

Looking for custom one of a kind bottle decorating to differentiate your brand in the market place?

Stanpac Ink specializes in printing labels directly on glass containers for wine, beer, spirits, food and more to make your brand stand out and boost its appeal on the shelf. Stanpac Ink has mastered the process of Applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) to supply brands both large and small with cost effective high quality glass decoration that is stylish, eye catching, and durable.

Your brand is unique- and so is each printing project! To discuss and receive a quote for your project please contact 905-957-3326 or

Features & Benefits of Glass Bottle Decorating at Stanpac

No More Labels
During our direct printing process, Ceramic or UV based inks are applied and permanently cured directly onto the container- entirely eliminating the need for pesky paper or film labels that can tear, wrinkle, or become wet, or bubble.

Our customers find the paperless treatment positively impacts their bottling line efficiency, label durability and design impact.

Customize your brand
Let us bring your unique design to fruition with our in house graphics department who can assist with making your design ‘print ready’.

Enhance your design with our broad range of ink colours (including precious metals), medallion application, and 360 degree wrap printing.
Furthermore, our printing process can be tailored to the unique size and shape of your custom bottle- whether it’s round or square or anything in between!

Commitment to Quality
Our team is dedicated to giving you the best quality products and guaranteed service you deserve. Our state of the art application equipment provides accurate and reliable printing that minimizes waste and quality issues. We ensure every bottle is inspected and carefully packed to meet your requirements.Furthermore, within our Quality Team we have members trained from world renowned American Glass Research.  Their expertise allows Stanpac to guide our customers through some of the technical complexities inherent with Glass and ACL decoration.

Individualized Service
We believe all brands should have access to dynamic design, which is why we’ve customized our service to accommodate any ones print size- from full truckloads to 1 pallet orders!
Let us simplify the process with custom case and pallet assembly as well as repack services for customers that incorporate custom boxes.
We can also assist with inventory/warehousing programs for customers that have challenges with space and ordering requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Ceramic Labeling?

Unlike label printing, Applied Ceramic Labeling applies ink directly onto the glass. The bottle is held by the base and the neck, while the ink is passed through a screen and onto the surface of the bottle. The ink is then cured to the bottle resulting in a permanent design.

What colors are available?

Designs can be printed using any ink colour desired, including precious metals. Although we print in ceramic and UV ink, we use the Pantone Color System for choosing and communicating colours. This means we can print within a shade or two of your desired Pantone colour choice and can provide samples if you are uncertain. Processing Printing (CMYK) is possible when using UV inks with a white under layer.

What are the order lead times?

Lead time is determined by the amount of orders we have in house. Different seasons and markets can cause the lead times to vary. For planning purposes, you should plan for a 1 to 2 week lead time for our prepress department to convert your design into a digital proof. Then once you approve the digital proof, you can expect an additional 3 to 5 weeks for production to take place. Shipping and transit times are additional. You can reach out to our sales or customer service representatives to review our current lead time schedule.

What is the price and what are the minimums?

Although we have no minimum order, it generally makes economic sense to run at least one pallet of bottles. Price is determined by bottle quantity, number of colors, the use of precious metals, and the complexity of the design which will provide us with run speed and set up time.

Does Stanpac supply bottles?

The customer supplies the bottles to Stanpac. We work with many glass manufacturers and distributors that provide all sorts of glass containers both domestic and international. We can assist you in obtaining just what you need from one of these sources.

How do we get started?

First provide us with a sample of the bottle you will be printing your design on, as well as your complete vector based art work, ideally in Adobe Illustrator format.

We will advise you of a price for the project and a target date for the job to be completed.

What about trucking?

We will work with whatever option is most convenient and economical for you. You can take care of the trucking yourself, or we have our own trucking company that can seamlessly arrange pick-up and delivery for you.

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