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Glass Bottle Washing Equipment


Stanpac is excited to partner with Central Fabricating, an industry leader in industrial equipment design and fabrication to offer a line of automatic glass bottle washers. There are currently 6 models available with speeds ranging from 40 to 80 bottles per minute.

The washer shown above is Model 856, designed to run up to 60 bottles per minute, easily handling bottles from 12 to 62 ounces. This equipment is designed to improve efficiency and maximize output while reducing environmental impact.

The compact footprint reduces space required while maximizing an effective washing cycle.

It also allows for reduced running costs (water, electricity, chemicals) while ensuring the bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

The Central Fabricating Washer is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance which enables consistent output and minimal downtime. High quality standards and advanced technology make this washer and excellent choice.

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