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Client Spotlight: Niagara’s Della Terra – A Passion for Olive Oil

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Epicureans know that premium ingredients engender great taste. Della Terra Artisan Oils & Balsamics knows this better than anyone, and after nearly a decade in business, it has easily convinced an ever-growing base of loyal customers.

Beyond inspiring delicious dishes, olive oil is well known for its health benefits. Many studies have linked Mediterranean longevity – and even memory health – to a diet that includes regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil.

Della Terra sources premium extra virgin olive oil sourced from Italy, Spain and “new world” growing regions such as Australia, Chile and Peru. All products are independently tested by third party labs to ensure purity and authenticity.

Olive Oil Glass Bottle Screen Printed Label Using Applied Ceramic Labeling.

The result is a lovingly curated collection of over 60 flavours, from traditional extra virgin olive oil, to infused oils, to balsamic vinegars. Its two Ontario stores offer tastings to help you find that unique flavour you’re looking for. You can then consult their website for a treasure trove of recipes that will bring these flavours to life.

When you decide on your perfect flavour, it’s just a matter of pouring it straight from the tap into a bottle, ensuring a remarkably fresh end-product to take home and enjoy. 

Based in Ontario’s Niagara region, a world renowned winery locale, Della Terra founder Lydia Kinos envisioned bottles with the look and feel of a bottle of fine wine. Instead of traditional paper or vinyl labels, she felt that bottle decorating – printing directly on the glass – was the only way to go. “It’s by far the best packaging option we found that parallels our premium artisanal products,” explains Kinos.

Fortuitously, the supplier she reached out to was also in Niagara: Stanpac. “Stanpac has been exceptional to work with,” she says. “Everyone is so friendly, warm and knowledgeable,” noting that Stanpac’s slogan “Good People Making Great Packaging” couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Labels are printed using Applied Ceramic Labelling (ACL) technology, the backbone of Stanpac’s bottle decorating business.

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar glass bottles displayed in front of display shelf in Della Terra Artisanal Olive Oil & Balsamics store.Kinos regularly gets compliments from customers about Della Terra’s bottles. People simply love showcasing them on their kitchen counters. The chartreuse green logo really pops thanks to the contrast against the dark glass bottle, which is necessary to protect olive oil from ambient light. “Customers even tell me that they are reluctant to put them in the recycling box because they are just so beautiful,” adds Kinos. 

Those that do overcome their hesitancy to dispose of their empty containers can rest assured that recycling glass bottles is the superior environmental approach. Unlike plastics, glass can be recycled endlessly.

Della Terra customers who visit the store rarely check out with just a single bottle of oil or balsamic. That’s because the store also features a wide selection of gourmet food, gift baskets, and other unique items from its “artisan pantry.” The two stores have indeed become a destination for local foodies, gift buyers and even soon-to-be brides and grooms looking for a unique wedding favour. Out-of-towners can also shop online, with shipping available across most of Canada.

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