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Dairy Packaging

Glass, isn’t just for milk anymore!

As the resurgence of glass continues for milk, many dairies are broadening their product line to dairy by-products such as yogurt, butter, crème fraiche, cottage cheese, and spreads. Glass packaging sets your premium products apart from the rest. No other packaging shows your customer a natural high quality product like a glass container. Setting yourself apart in the marketplace is important to the success of your business.

Available in both 4.70 oz. (139ml) size with a plastic snap on or a foil heat seal lid, and 8 oz. (236.59ml) size with a plastic snap on lid. Just like our glass milk bottles, these jars meet your consumers desire for taste, purity, and saving the environment.

Information Sheet

Download our Glass Dairy Packaging Info Sheet to see how glass packaging sets your premium products apart from the rest.

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Glass Bottle Washing Equipment

Looking for Glass Bottle Washing Equipment? Look no further than Stanpac!

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Looking for filling equipment or have additional questions regarding glass milk bottles or dairy packaging?

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Product Catalogue

View and download Stanpac’s complete product catalogue for information on all of our products like ice cream packaging, dairy packaging, and food service & take-out packaging.

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NEW! Portable Handle Applicator

The portable handle applicator for glass milk bottles makes replacing handles a simple and effortless task. From time to time, handles become stretched or nicked from every day use.

It’s simple to use. Take a bottle and place the plastic cone over the neck. Place a handle on top of the cone, insert the bottle into position, and pull down on the lever. The handles do not need to be heated prior to application and little force is required to stretch the handle over the cone and into position on the neck of the bottle. Watch the demo video below in our video gallery, or….

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