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Tamper Evident Packaging

Securing Products & Profits

Stanpac has developed the SecurTEC™ line of tamper evident composite closures for the ice cream and frozen dessert markets. The patented technology allows manufacturers to provide a tamper evident feature without the need for added materials such as neck bands and film and associated equipment.

Traditional tamper evident solutions have several inherent problems: waste, slower line speeds, and significant capital equipment. With the SecurTEC™, additional applications processes are eliminated, improving line productivity, reducing labor costs, and eliminating excessive waste. The SecurTEC™ solution is a simple Snap-on application and is accomplished with regular lidding equipment.

SecurTec Lids

It’s Evident

How it works

The tear-band is connected to the body of the over-cap with a thin membrane. The membrane is designed to be strong enough to allow the tamper-evident teeth to lock over the rim of the container during application, but fragile enough to separate the tear band from the rest of the lid when opened by the consumer.


The band is easily removed by pulling the grip outwards with suitable force. If the band is even partially broken as a result of product tampering, it will be clearly visible to a consumer at the point of purchase.

Tamper-evident teeth

The tamper-evident teeth snap under the container rim during application, and are then locked into place. Any upwards force exerted on the lid after engagement of the teeth will result in a fracture of the membrane connecting the band to the lid body.

Fit to Cup Specs & Tolerances

The container and lid fit together with a slight interference fit (approx .030”). This results in a package that feels very secure and provides an excellent barrier, while still being easy for anyone to remove.

Retaining Bead

After the tamper-evident tear-band is removed, the lid still “locks” into place on the container with a small retaining bead molded into the interior of the lid.

Cup Rim

Paperboard is wrapped in a tight radius to form the cup rim. This results in a strong, stable shape that is still compressible enough to provide a tight seal against a lid.

Available Sizes

Stanpac manufactures a wide range of sizes and configurations for your packaging requirements:


SecurTEC™ 100

  • 8 oz squat (237ml)
  • 14 oz (414ml)
  • 16 oz (473ml)
  • 16.91 oz (500ml)

SecurTEC™ 125

  • 32 oz (946ml)
  • 33.8 oz (1 Litre)

SecurTEC™ 160

  • 48 oz (1.42 Litre)
  • 56 oz (1.65 Litre)
  • 67.6 oz (2 Litre)

SecurTEC™ 176

  • 48 oz (1.42 Litre) non round
  • 56 oz (1.65 Litre) non round
  • 64 oz (1.89 Litre) non round

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