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Glass Milk Bottles

Setting yourself apart is critical to the success of your business. How your products are perceived will be the difference that makes the consumer pick up your package or pass it by. As a leader in selling glass milk bottles as well as dairy product packaging, we understand a growing segment of the market is looking for milk in glass bottles for many reasons. Whether you need bottles by the pallet or the truck load we’ve got you covered. We also offer glass milk bottles by the case at wholesale prices from our e-store.

Stanpac’s refillable glass milk bottles are the smart choice

A Step Beyond Recycling

Our glass milk bottles go one step further, our glass is refillable. People understand that their purchasing decisions affect the environment. Buying and reusing refillable glass milk bottles is a smart decision. What’s better than refillable dairy product packaging?!

Its ability to never lose its quality or purity allows for glass packaging to be reused multiple times whether its as a bottle or recycled into a new form. Glass is the only packaging product on the market that has an endless recycling life.

Aside from glass having an endless recycling life, glass is an ideal material for containing dairy and other food products. It extends food product shelf-life, preserves product quality and reduces food waste. When the life of the refillable bottle is done, it is then recycled and made into a brand new bottle to start the process all over again.

Support Local Farms

As the world continues to go global, people recognize that they need to support agriculture that is in their neighbourhood. They know and trust the farmer down the street and can rely on safe high quality food that they feel good about feeding their families. Seeing their food grown and the animals fed and cared for creates a confidence in the products they purchase and a sense of community pride in supporting each other.

We support many local farms with our dairy product packaging.

It Just Tastes Better

Over and over again people who drink their milk from glass milk bottles say that the milk tastes better and is colder.

Refillable glass milk bottles bring us all back to a time when life was simpler. Today those who choose to bottle in glass bring back those feelings of yesterday when a person’s word was just that. The milk man would drop off your bottles at the door so you would have fresh milk for breakfast. Many dairies across North America are doing just that. In a world where fast just keeps getting faster the milk bottle takes us back to the good old days with freshest products of the highest quality. The way it should be.

Everything But The Milk

Since Stanpac’s earliest hour we have been providing dairy product packaging to the dairy industry. Back in 1949, we manufactured an array of closures for milk bottles. Since then we have continually expanded our product line and now offer “Everything but the Milk”. Today Stanpac offers a full line of refillable glass milk bottles, a variety of closures, milk crates, and even wire carriers for home delivery. Given our 75 years of experience, we are a valuable resource for refillable milk packaging. Serving North America coast to coast, we are the single-source supplier, providing you with “Everything but the Milk.”

Refillable Glass Bottles with a Twist!

We’re excited to introduce the newest evolution of our popular refillable glass bottles with a twist off tamper-evident cap and threaded neck. This packaging is an excellent option for beverages including dairy products, cold-pressed juices, and still water. The threaded neck and tamper-evident caps are well suited to products with a longer shelf life, making this a great option for fresh salad dressings, sauces, powdered products as well as beverages for the on the go consumer. Available in 12 ounce, 16 ounce squat and 16 ounce tall.

For more information about Automatic or Benchtop Cappers for Twist Top Glass Bottles, contact us for pricing or go to

Automatic Capper for Twist Top Glass Bottles

Benchtop Capper for Twist Top Glass Bottles

Tamper-evident Cap

We’re excited to introduce the newest evolution of our popular refillable glass bottles with a twist off tamper-evident cap and threaded neck. This packaging is an excellent option for beverages.

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Bottle Washing Equipment

Looking for Glass Bottle Washing Equipment? Look no further than Stanpac! Stanpac is proud to partner with Central Fabricating to offer this new automatic glass bottle washer.

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Have Questions?

Looking for filling equipment, glass bottle washing equipment, or have additional questions regarding glass milk bottles? Learn more by reading our Dairy Packaging Frequently Asked Questions.

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View and download Stanpac’s complete product catalogue for information on all of our products like ice cream packaging, dairy packaging, and food service & take-out packaging.

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