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Stanpac debuts Renewable Ice Cream Packaging

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In a world where the environment and sustainability are top of mind, Smithville packaging manufacturer, Stanpac Inc., is proud to introduce a plant-based packaging alternative to the ice cream market. To launch this initiative, Stanpac has partnered with family-owned dairy-free ice cream producer, Coconut Bliss.

Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Paperboard, produced by Evergreen Packaging, is paper-board coated with a bio resin Polyethylene made from sugar cane. Using only renewable resources, Stanpac is excited to move forward with more alternatives that can reduce their impact on the environment.

“Our customers are the driving force behind our continued innovation,” said Murray Bain, Vice-President of Marketing at Stanpac Inc. “When Coconut Bliss approached us with their rebranding project, we knew that this would be a perfect match for a world where the desire for eco-friendly packaging is ever increasing. We always want to ensure we’re treating the environment in the most careful way we can.”

Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Paperboard performs the same way as traditional ice cream packaging. The moisture barrier properties, product and recycling, are the same as existing poly coated ice cream packaging. The benefit is that the poly coating is made from a renewable resource, sugarcane. Stanpac is pleased to add Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Packaging to their already extensive product line up.

As a USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified company, Coconut Bliss is always looking for ways to limit its environmental footprint,” says Kim Gibson Clark, President and CEO of Coconut Bliss. “That’s why, in conjunction with our ambitious rebrand, we are so excited to introduce this cutting-edge packaging that performs like traditional ice cream packaging, without the same environmental concerns. Plus, we love the fact that our plant-based ice cream is now served in plant-based packaging.”

Attendees can preview this innovation and more from Stanpac at Pro Food Tech 2019,  March 26-28, 2019 in Chicago.

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