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Why Ice Cream Companies Are Making the Switch to Packaging Using Plant-Based Poly Coatings

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Packaging is always evolving to meet the needs of social, economic and environmental demands. In an industry that is all about variety – from Oatly’s Caramel Swirl to Blue Marble’s Cinnamon Double Dark Chocolate – it’s necessary for ice cream companies to have access to the innovative products that will help to meet the ever-changing needs of each one of their consumers.

Innovative products like Evergreen Packaging’s Sentinel™ are revolutionizing the way that companies package their products while keeping sustainability and the environment at the forefront and that’s something we can all feel good about while enjoying our favourite foods.


The Connection Between People and Packaging


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Relationships with food are much like those in our personal and social lives. Relationships require emotional and physical connections in order to flourish. This is why the connection between the food and drink products that consumers love and how they feel when they buy, consume, and dispose of them is so important to be mindful of.

For many brands, specifically those in the consumer market, packaging is something that may change multiple times throughout the lifespan of a product.

Making intentional and purposeful changes in a way that incorporates innovative new materials will elevate your brand, and in turn, maintain the connection that your consumer feels to your product. This shift in packaging is likely to create a more loyal consumer and even further, develop your existing consumer base. 

Through extensive research and development, the packaging industry is adapting to using more renewable resources wherever possible, particularly when it comes to ice cream packaging.

At Stanpac, we are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, which is why we’re so proud to offer a first-of-its-kind, fully renewable ice cream board option manufactured from only renewable resources.


Getting to Know the Product


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Photo Credit: Coconut Bliss


Consumers want (and need) more.

Consumers are spending more time than ever before looking for packaging that offers convenience and sustainability while protecting the food and beverage products that they purchase, whether they are regular consumers or purchasing a product impulsively.

There is a delicate balance needed when it comes to manufacturing ice cream packaging that not only looks great, is beneficial for the environment, but performs exceptionally well in different storage climates (from shelves to fridges and freezers).

Being sustainable and environmentally friendly is important, as is being able to reflect a brand’s essence, but being able to maintain product freshness in a freezer environment is crucial.

Evergreen Packaging has introduced Sentinel™, a paperboard coated with a bio resin polyethylene made from sugarcane which looks and performs like a traditional petroleum-based PE resin.

Sentinel paper and paperboard products are designed to be used in a variety of food service and retail food grade packaging applications with varying shelf life needs.

While this material is widely being used for ice cream packaging, it can also be adapted to use in the development and design of cups, trays, plates, ovenable boards, cartons, flexible packaging and box liners, and more.

Sentinel™ products are fiber-based, meaning that they come from renewable resources. The trees used for the production of this innovative product come from forests where responsible practices are used.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an independent, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Receiving a SFI certification involves meeting very specific standards and responsibilities. Once certified, a business is required to apply to use the SFI logo – a distinctive mark that identifies sustainable practices – on their products. Learn more about this in-depth certification process here.


The Perks of Plant-Based Packaging


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Plants are powerful. They’re also the primary ingredient for an increasing amount of consumer products and packaging.

By packaging manufacturers like Stanpac consistently looking for ways to source more products from plants, we’re taking steps toward a more efficient, circular economy that works with the environment.

Sentinel™ Renewable Ice Cream Packaging is a renewable resource that does not use any food source such as PLA (Polylactic Acid) which is made from corn. Amongst the many benefits of using bio-based packaging is that the poly coating is made from sugarcane, a renewable resource.

This packaging performs the same way as our traditional ice cream packaging – the moisture barrier properties are the same, the product looks the same, and recycling is the same as existing poly-coated ice cream packaging.

In addition to its renewable components, there is evidence-based research that shows how value-added packaging creates the brand image of a more progressive, luxury product. This means that by incorporating the benefits of sustainable packaging, consumers will be more inclined to include the product in their regular purchasing patterns.


How Does It Compare to the Recyclability of Other Products?


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Did you know that a whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled?

These startling numbers have decreased over recent years with consumers beginning to consider sustainability as one of the most important determining factors when making a purchase.

Not only are consumers being more conscious, but packaging manufacturers are looking for new ways to innovate pre-existing materials to make them more environmentally friendly or create entirely new products that have the Earth in mind. 

Understanding resins – also referred to as plastics – can be confusing for those looking to learn more about what their favourite food and beverage products are being packaged in.

The best place to start is by looking for the numbers 1 through 7 on the bottom of your container. The number that you find is known as the resin identification code, which may also be known as the “recycling number”. Many major types of plastic resins used in packaging are recyclable. A list of those plastic types and their recycling codes can be found here.

With the current concerns over plastics in the environment, the plastics sector is seeking to ensure plastics can be recycled as easily as possible, to avoid them being a problem in the environment. 

The importance of package recyclability is put into perspective when considering the overwhelming amount of non-recyclable waste that burdens landfills, forests, and oceans across North America.

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of environmentalism and sustainability. Every level of the supply chain has a responsibility to consider the environment and how products are affecting it.

Generally speaking, it starts with the manufacturers, which is why Stanpac is making these significant partnerships with partners who can make positive changes with these cornerstones in mind.


How It’s Being Used in the Ice Cream Industry


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Photo Credit: Nada Moo


Grab your spoon and get ready to dive into your favourite frozen treat! Feel even better about indulging in your dessert by grabbing a pint of these ice cream companies who have made the switch to a more sustainable poly-coated packaging:


Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss, a plant-based, certified-organic, dairy-free ice cream producer. They were also one of the first customers to make the switch to the innovative new eco-friendly paper-based packaging when it became available.



Oatly takes oats and sustainability very seriously, which is why it’s why it’s so exciting to see them create an ice cream product line with their knowledge of oats and package it in a sustainable container that considers the environment. The team at Oatly has developed a strategy for achieving their sustainability visions and goals. They know what it means to change with the world!


Nada Moo!

Nada Moo! is an Austin, Texas-based family business. In addition to creating an original dairy-free coconut milk frozen dessert, the company has also made the transition to using the sugarcane-based polyethylene coated paperboard for their packaging.

“This switch to Sentinel™ Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board is a natural fit for our core values at NadaMoo!,” said Max Haimowitz, VP of Marketing & Creative at NadaMoo!. “Being a leader in the larger food movement striving to make a difference for our customers and the greater community as well as the planet for us means we should always look for ways to innovate. The new packaging allows us to advance this sustainability ethos.”


Perfect Day

Perfect Day is inventing a new way to make the foods you love today, for a kinder, greener tomorrow. Making the decision to a more sustainable packaging is perfectly in line with their vision and goals.


Crémerie Swirl

Crémerie Swirl is a new standard in ice cream. It’s the home of decadent vegan ice cream made with top quality, organic coconut milk. They are also responsible for creating a sorbet prepared with fresh seasonal fruits. Their homemade products are perfectly paired with the sustainable and environmentally-conscious packaging created for them in partnership between Stanpac and Evergreen Packaging.


La Monarca Michoacana

La Monarca Michoacana is a family-run business established in 2008. Their business offers homemade ice cream, popsicles, and mangonadas made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.


Blue Marble

Created in 2007, Blue Marble embarked on a mission to offer a product that is, quite simply, good. Made with local dairy and the best organic ingredients, their company is focused on caring for the world. They do this through sourcing, business practices and community involvement. Implementing an environmentally-friendly packaging that aligns perfectly with their goal to use responsible, sustainable ways to offer their wholesome, super-premium ice cream.


Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey believes that they have reinvented ice cream. Their company has created a dairy-free anytime dessert from only fruit, seeds and superfoods. Snow Monkey products are loaded with luscious taste and packed with protein, making it the nutritious and delicious dessert option. For this company, leading a healthy lifestyle is just as important as keeping the environment healthy, making the switch to Sentinel™ the number one choice.


Wonderlab Doozy

Wonderlab Doozy is responsible for creating smooth, dreamy gelato made from earth-friendly organic hemp and whole oats. Their products are good for you and good for the planet, especially since they are packaged in containers made with plant-based poly coatings, derived from renewable resources. 


Are you ready to make the switch?

Making the switch from traditionally coated ice cream packaging to a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious option, means that your company can feel good about your product on the inside and the outside.

By making this small but significant change, your business is showing consumers that you care about everything from creation to quality and satisfaction to sustainability.

Learn more about sustainable packaging options by visiting the Stanpac website here.

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