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Client Spotlight: Yellofruit | For the Kid in All of Us!

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This is the type of frozen dessert that you’ll go bananas over. Literally. The main ingredient is organic bananas.

With the intentions of creating a healthier-than-ice-cream alternative for their three children, Andrew Kinnear and Claire Lysnes – a husband and wife business duo – began mixing up frozen organic bananas as a post-dinner dessert.

Quickly realizing that their frozen creations had a broader market appeal, they decided to take their product to a whole new level. They set out to create something different and with the help of family, friends, colleagues and experts in the industry, were able to launch their Canadian startup, Yellofruit.


Shows the frozen dessert's texture, consistency, colour in a bowl with the open pint beside it.
Photo credit: Yellofruit | Instagram


Yellofruit is a non-dairy, frozen dessert made with organic bananas as the base instead of cream, milk or other dairy ingredients. Preparing their “nice cream” product for retail included enrolling in an ice cream science course, interacting with industry professionals, and educating consumers about the science behind the scoop. 

The science course has set the duo up for success. They’ve been able to perfect their product, while being able to explain to consumers why certain ingredients like added sugar are necessary. Did you know that sugar actually lowers a product’s freezing point, creating tiny crystals that determine the products final texture?

Yellofruit doesn’t consider themselves a niche brand. Their product caters to those who are looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream, vegan consumers, and people with nut allergies. 

Yellofruit’s frozen dessert is available in a variety of flavours like strawberry, chocolate, and mango. Despite the extra level of flavour, banana is still the star of the show.

The three flavours of Yellofruit’s frozen dessert have been named after Andrew and Claire’s three kids and their favourite flavours: Monty’s Favourite Strawberry™, Holly’s Favourite Mango™, and Eddy’s Favourite Chocolate™.

Learn more about their products and find a location near you by visiting their website here.

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