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Client Spotlight: Volleman’s Family Dairy Farm is Taking the South by Storm

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Since mid-2020, this family owned and operated dairy farm, located on the outskirts of the Texas Hill Country, has been distributing their milk using glass bottles.

The decision to bottle their milk in glass bottles was a positive one, as their product has been flying off the shelves since the switch. In their first three days of sales, more than 1,200 bottles flew off the shelves!

One of the biggest factors for Volleman’s when deciding to market their product in glass bottles was to reduce plastic waste and put an emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Not only do they keep the environment and its sustainability as a priority, but they do the same for the people drinking their products. Volleman’s works hard to ensure that their milk is antibiotic free and has no added hormones. The family truly believes that love for their cows is the first step to providing the highest quality milk, which is why their cows spend their days lounging in the shade, cooling off under sprinklers, and eating premium quality feed, formulated by a nutritionist.

Volleman's Dairy posing for a family photo

Like most companies packaging their milk in glass bottles, a $2 deposit is paid upon purchase. This $2 is either refunded to the customer once their empty and clean bottle is returned to the store, or simply applied to their next milk purchase.

Volleman’s notes that the shelf life of their milk (available in 2%, chocolate and strawberry) is a little longer compared to other milk products. A perk that they’re attributing to the high-quality of their product paired with the use of glass bottles.

Learn more about their products, find a location to purchase their product nearest you, or even get some Volleman’s merchandise by visiting their website.

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