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Client Spotlight: Shatto Milk | A Dairy Company As Transparent As Their Packaging

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Located just north of Kansas City you’ll find Shatto Milk Company, a 400-acre family-owned and operated dairy farm. 

The family has been farming at this location for more than 100 years and began a dairy farm more than 80 years ago.

While their farming history runs deep in the Kansas City area, they are fairly new to processing their own dairy products on their farm. Since 2003 the family has been bottling their fresh, high-quality milk, which has been available for purchase by their customers.

“This milk is so fresh, there’s a good chance that you passed the cow on your way to the store.”

The turnaround time at Shatto Milk from the cow to the store is as little as 12 hours. This requires a great deal of attention, having seamless processes in place, and staying true to their promise of transparency.

Shatto Milk never uses hormones such as rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) or rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) on their cows. The product that you’ll find in the Shatto Milk branded glass bottles also comes exclusively from cows located on their farms.

The company’s commitment to education is apparent through events and tours of their farm. Their goal is to make sure that your trip to their farm is a good learning experience filled with fun and memories. The farm experience allows you to tour the processing plant, see the bottling process including how the glass bottles are prepped for reuse, meet calves, milk a cow, and so much more! 

Learn more about this dairy farm and their products by visiting their website. Looking for Shatto Milk products in your area? Click here.

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