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Client Spotlight: Organic Meadow Partners with Loop

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Social and environmental responsibility are the core values of our company at Stanpac. We believe sustainability and food safety are vital and they are an important part of who we are as a leading packaging manufacturer.

With these values considered, we are thrilled to share that Organic Meadow – Canada’s first organic dairy – has partnered with Loop, a state-of-the-art reuse shopping platform and home delivery system.

Shows the partnership between Loop and Organic Meadow. Organic Meadow Organic Kefir is now the exclusive dairy product offered by Loop - a zero-waste home delivery program.

This partnership is exciting for a number of reasons. As the exclusive dairy beverage partner for Loop in Canada, Organic Meadow is now offering its Organic Kefir as the system’s first and only dairy beverage. This premium product, which can now be found at, is available in our 946ml reusable and refillable zero-waste glass bottles. 

The Loop platform was designed to eliminate waste by offering consumers a variety of their favourite products in reusable, refillable, zero-waste packaging formats. This virtual platform combines the convenience of finding products that customers need right at their fingertips, while encouraging them to be conscious of the positive environmental change they are part of. 

Displays the process of using the new Loop ordering system.

How exactly does a zero-waste shopping platform and home delivery system work? It’s pretty simple actually. With Loop, a 100% refundable deposit is applied when you order your products, the products arrive at your doorstep, you use the good stuff inside and when you’re done, we’ll professionally clean and reuse it – and you get your deposit back!

Explore all of the important components to the Loop program, including where it’s available, how it works, innovative and durable packaging, cleaning procedures, and so much more by visiting the Loop website.

The Canadian dairy farmers at Organic Meadow use traditional methods and high standards to craft exceptional organic dairy products with care. Want to learn more about the product in the packaging? Visit the Organic Meadow website here.

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