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Client Spotlight: Hoover’s Dairy | Celebrating 100+ Years as Your Local Milkman

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Hoover’s Dairy has been bottling, selling, and delivering quality milk to locals for over 100 years. While they have run the farm since the mid-1800s, the dairy itself was started in 1920.

While the Western New York dairy bottles and sells milk from a variety of local suppliers, they have become particularly well-known for their chocolate milk and seasonal Eggnog.

While many dairies have moved away from packaging their milk in glass bottles over the decades, Hoover’s Dairy is one of the remaining New York dairies who have stayed loyal to the glass format. They remain committed to glass bottles for a number of reasons, including sustainability and being more environmentally-conscious, and maintaining the quality of the product from bottling to consumption and every point in between.

The nostalgic and old-fashioned method of the milkman also lives on at Hoover’s Dairy. If you live in Niagara County, you may have spotted the white and red milk truck making deliveries from door to door, with deliveries often starting long before the sun rises.

In a year, milkman Robert “Rob” Hoover II estimates that the dairy’s delivery trucks cover roughly 41,600 miles, delivering 400,000 quarts of milk to more than 1,700 customers in the western half of Niagara County. Each truck makes anywhere from 100 to 150 stops each day!

Hoover’s Dairy is the quintessential family business, with every member playing a part in its operation – from pasteurization and packaging to sales and service to deliveries and delicious collaborations.

To purchase products or to inquire about milk delivery services in Western New York, visit Hoover’s Dairy on Facebook, visit them at 6030 Hoover Road in Sanborn, NY or call 1 (716) 731-3822.

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