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Client Spotlight: Dillon’s Distilled – and bottled – to perfection

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers takes the popular “Farm to Table” restaurant concept and applies it to distilled spirits. The Beamsville-based company – in the heart of Ontario’s fertile Niagara region – relies heavily on local ingredients in all of its handcrafted batches.  Whether it’s local grapes as a base in vodka or gin, or peaches for peach schnapps, Dillon’s approach ensures that only the freshest produce goes into their products.

The result is an exceptional collection of signature spirits that include rye whisky, vodka, gin and absinthe, along with specialty schnapps and amaroes.  It also makes over a dozen varieties of bitters, sold by independent shops and retailers across Canada. 

From left to right: Dillon’s 750mL Cassis in between two 750mL Dillon's Peach Schnapps on white countertops surrounded by decorative plants.In addition to ensuring premium quality, Dillon’s local sourcing strategy is environmentally responsible and fosters sustainability. The close proximity to natural ingredients means substantially less fuel and resource consumption attributed to production.

So when sourcing its bottles, Stanpac fits right in. The packaging specialist, with facilities in Texas and New Jersey, happens to be headquartered in Smithville, Ontario, a mere 15 minute drive from Dillon’s.  Being so close helps to minimize transportation costs as well as related emissions.

Not only is Stanpac ideally located, but it’s “Stanpac Ink” division provides Dillon’s with incredible capabilities for printing directly on their glass bottles.  Using Applied Ceramic Labelling (ACL) technology, Stanpac “decorates” glass bottles and other containers, achieving vivid colours and exceptional clarity. As a result its clients’ products jump off the shelf, standing out from the competition.

“The ceramic screen print makes an incredible impression that really shows off our spirits,”  says Geoff Dillon, owner and chief distiller at Dillon’s.  “We’ve even heard stories of people keeping our whisky bottles for flower vases, soap dispensers, and candle holders because they love the glass and prints so much. It really speaks to the attractiveness and appeal of our bottle designs.” 


Selling product in glass bottles is yet another one of Dillon’s positive efforts towards sustainability, since glass bottles are not just recyclable (over and over and over again), they are reusable as well.

And compared to plastic, glass bottles exude quality.  Glass has a look, feel and substance that helps define the quality of the product inside. For a distiller like Dillon’s who takes utmost pride and care in creating unique spirits, bottling in glass containers is the logical final step of the production process.

If you’re looking for flavourful spirits like you’ve never tried before, Dillon’s craft products are available in many LCBO stores and various Ontario bars and establishments. Aficionados can also order online at, or visit the sipping room / retail area right at the distillery itself.

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