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Client Spotlight: Danzeisen Dairy Dazzles Milk Lovers in Arizona

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Client Spotlight: Danzeisen Dairy Dazzles Milk Lovers in Arizona
Photo Source: Danzeisen Dairy


At Danzeisen Dairy, no plastics are ever used in bottling of any of their farm fresh products. The third-generation Phoenix-area company insists that with a single sip, you’ll instantly know that you are drinking premium milk. It’s just how milk is supposed to taste.


Not only were the original business founders, Neil and Gertude Viss, the first local dairy to offer glass bottles in Arizona grocery stores, they made a point of instilling their values of freshness, family, and integrity into the dairy’s core operations. 


Today, grandsons Kevin and Brett Danzeisen share a passion for product quality and natural goodness. The dairy produces milk that is rBST-free and hormone-free, and is available in hundreds of stores across Arizona as well as for home delivery.


Theirs is no old-fashioned dairy. In addition to delicious milk, Daizeisen is well known in Phoenix because of the eclectic variety of its product line. It offers non-dairy beverages such as orange juice and lemonade.  But even its milk products go well beyond traditional white, chocolate and strawberry.  We’re talking peach milk, banana milk, root beer milk, coffee milk, and even cotton candy milk – a limited edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Diamondbacks’ MLB championship!


But that’s not all.  Danzeisen recently teamed up with rock legend Alice Cooper to launch a chocolate milk, bottled in support of his Solid Rock Teen Centers charity, which offers free music, art and dance lessons to teenagers in Phoenix and Mesa, AZ.


Client Spotlight: Danzeisen Dairy Dazzles Milk Lovers in Arizona
Photo Source: AZCentral

What do Danzeisen’s 2% milk, orange juice, cotton candy milk and Alice Cooper chocolate milk have in common?  They all come exclusively in premium glass bottles. Non-porous and inert, what you taste from bottles is always fresh, thirst-quenching, and free of the taste plastics can add to the product.  Glass bottles are also a great insulator (important in the hot desert climate!), keeping milk nice and cold longer than other standard types of containers.


Glass bottles are the choice for environmentally-conscious consumers too.  They are reusable, 100% recyclable at the end of the life cycle, and can be recycled endlessly. In collaboration with its partnering stores, Danzeisen has developed a simple, quick and easy bottle deposit system which has resulted in exceptional rates of return.


Danzeisen’s bottles are distinctive and definitely stand out on the shelf – even the ones that don’t have Alice Cooper’s mug on them!  Stanpac has been producing and decorating bottles for the dairy since 2014, and in that time has helped assemble an outstanding bottle design collection that reflects Danzeisen’s premium brand.


So if you’re in Arizona and thirsty for a tall glass of milk, check out to order online or to look up the grocery store nearest you.  Or stop by one of their two creamery stores and taste some of the freshest milkshakes you’ve ever had!

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