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5 Ways Purchasing Sustainable North American Food Service Packaging Helps Your Business

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In today’s foodservice market, what are the major factors that set you apart from your competition? Is it your product, your branding, the quality of your packaging or, is it your corporate social responsibility? In our eyes, it’s all of the above!

Just like we believe Good People Make Great Packaging, we believe good people make great business decisions! We focus on providing customers like you with nothing but the best in order to help your business thrive. With our packaging, you can rest assured knowing that what you are buying is high-quality, is North American made and is sustainable. In other words, not only are you buying packaging that is structurally sound, looks and feels great but it is also ethically sound on the labour and environmental front.

We understand that price may drive business owners to buy packaging overseas. However, purchasing sustainable North American foodservice packaging can help your business boom in more ways than one! Here are 5 ways our packaging can benefit your food business.

1. Strengthen Your Branding Through Stand-Out Packaging

One of the major benefits of choosing a North American supplier like Stanpac is strong product branding. For quantities over 30,000, we offer custom printing on single and double wall cups and take-out containers. Featuring designs and colours that stand out from the rest, brands are now creatively setting themselves apart by enhancing their brand image via food packaging. For smaller quantity orders, we also offer a variety of stock print food service packaging.

Apart from the design, the actual look and feel of the packaging is incomparable. Sturdy and secure, North American food service packaging always reigns over the market with regard to quality. Did you know that high-quality packaging is noticeable to your customers? Rise above the competition by packaging your food product in reliable, branded, high-quality food service packaging.


2. Deliver a Great Customer Experience Through Sound Packaging Integrity

One of the complaints we hear the most from customers that have made the switch from overseas manufacturers to Stanpac is that the integrity of their previous packaging was compromised.

The packaging they used to purchase didn’t properly fulfill its purpose of containing and protecting the product: cups leak, lids don’t fit properly, seams loosen from heat, etc. Improper packaging can be damaging to your business’ reputation as it provides a poor experience to your customers.

How do we ensure that our food service packaging is structurally sound? We use a high quality poly coated paperboard and robust quality testing. We also offer double wall thermal cups that eliminates the need for coffee sleeves while providing comfort for your customers and peace of mind that their food/drink won’t spill on the ride home.


3. Gain Support by Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Is your current packaging provider taking the proper steps to ensure their eco-footprint is as minimal as possible? For us, it’s one of our top priorities. As packaging suppliers for food business owners, we have a big responsibility to make the right environmental decisions and ensure that the packaging produced and used comes from a sustainable source. Being Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certified is incredibly important to us. That means that our packaging is produced from trees grown in sustainability certified farms.

The issue with purchasing non-certified packaging is that it is unknown where the trees were sourced. This means that people might unknowingly be supporting environmentally damaging practices such as illegal or loosely regulated forest clear-cutting, the destruction of precious ecosystems, soil erosion and the loss of important ancient forests. Not only is this devastating for the area of deforestation itself but is also heavily linked to global warming.

By shifting to sustainably sourced packaging, you and your customers can rest assured that your responsible packaging purchase isn’t just benefitting your business, but the world as a whole.


4. Experience the Benefits of Supporting Local

As business owners ourselves, we know first-hand how important it is to support local and instill that desire in the community. Not only is it great for the local economy and is beneficial to food service businesses like your own, but it also has a greater positive global human impact.

Unknown to many, purchasing cheaper packaging products that are manufactured overseas can often mean supporting unethical and exploitative labour practices including bad working conditions, low wages, child labour and more.

When you purchase from a North American company like us, you’re supporting a local business that provide their workers with fair wages and proper working conditions. Just like you, we pour our heart and soul into every product we manufacture. From our high-quality eco-friendly containers, coffee cups and lids, to our wholesale food service packaging, know that you are supporting a company that has great respect for their workers and the countries they operate in.

As mentioned previously, customers are becoming more aware about the negative realities of overseas labour exploitation. By aligning your packaging purchases with your own values and ethics to support local, you are sending out a positive message that your ideal customers will relate too.


5. Do Good, Look Good and Feel Good to Establish a Positive Brand Image

There is something to be said about good karma in business. By communicating that your food business is ethically sound right down to the packaging, customers will feel great about supporting you. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of their human and environmental impact and will respect your efforts to make the world a better place. Adopting ethical business practices and making it a part of your branding will undoubtedly help your brand image. On top of that, not only are your human and environmental ethics benefitting your business, the packaging quality is unparalleled. Do good, look good and feel good.

Now that you know how you’re helping your business, learn how your decisions are helping the planet in our next blog entry, The Dark Side of Buying Non-Sustainable and Non-Ethical Food Service Packaging Overseas.


Take the Next Step towards Improving Your Food Business: Make the Switch to Sustainable North American Packaging

Now that you know why spending a little bit extra on sustainable North American food service packaging will benefit your business, it’s time to take action! Browse our take-out food container selection, hot drink cups and lids, or browse our entire catalogue here.

Any questions? Feel free to call us at 905.957.3326. We look forward to hearing from you!

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