Who Is Stanpac?

Packaging Perfection for over 60 Years.

Stanpac is a manufacturer of packaging supplies for the dairy, food and beverage industries. We love dairy and specialize in ice cream packaging, manufacturing food containers and paper board ice cream cups, and we also excel with glass container printing.

Stanpac’s state-of-the-art glass bottle screening equipment allows us to decorate virtually any glass container. Our glass bottle decorating will showcase your product in an exciting and distinctive package that will position your bottle – milk, beer, liquor, or wine – apart from the rest.

Visit our general store for wholesale prices on ice cream containers and refillable glass milk bottles.

Ice Cream Packaging Supplies

Our focus on the dairy industry includes a complete line of ice cream packaging supplies, paper ice cream cups, and ice cream filling equipment. Read more

Glass Milk Bottles

On the fluid milk side, Stanpac is the industry specialist for refillable glass milk bottles and other related packaging supplies. We can also build your brand, your logo and message with our custom glass bottle printing. Read more

Bottle Decorating

Our glass container and custom glass printing division provides premium graphics, glass screen printed labeling, and glass printing to some of North Americas premium brands. Read more

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Stanpac Videos Packaging Supplies & Ice Cream ContainersWatch our corporate video to learn more about who we are and what we do, and how we do it. Also watch our Flex E Fill™ Demonstration Videos to learn more about this excellent line of ice cream filling equipment.

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